Dlux 3D/CF1.9 Wheel, High Clearance


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Dlux 3D/CF1.9 Wheel, High Clearance

***Sold in full set 4 wheels.***

****This listing is for Bead lock 6shooter style wheels ****

****Other designs available be special order****

1.9 wheels with maximum clearance for knuckle weights and portal axles.

Fits Dlux wheel hubs (3mm hardware), Vanquish SLW hubs, or similar. ***Hubs not included.***

1.5mm Carbon Fiber wheel face ***Now your choice of wheel style and optional cf trim ring***

3d printed inner wheel, printed with strong material (not your typical cheap material).

Glue on, or optional easy to install 3 piece beadlock. Beadlock ring is keyed to the inner wheel to help resist the twist.

Optional cf trim ring adds depth or paint the edges for a touch of color.

20mm width, inside of wheel face to inside of rear face.

46.1mm inside diameter.

Ultra light, ultra strong, ultra high clearance.