Dlux Portal Transmission



Dlux Portal Transmission

Tiny Transmission for portal axles (gearing is not sufficient for non-portal axles).

This is the transmission from our Capra based Sporty.

Fully enclosed.

Hardened chromoly gears.

Titanium 5mm output shaft.

Our smallest and lightest transmission so far.

Gear ratio 3:1 X pinon/spur combo. 36T spur gear (48 pitch).

Motor bolt holes 25mm on center. Skid plate mounting holes 28mm on center (M3 threaded holes).

Fits pinions from 11T to 18T (48 Pitch)

Gear ratio:

11T pinon: 9.8

12T pinion: 9.0

13T pinion: 8.3

14T pinion: 7.7

15T pinon: 7.2

16T pinion: 6.75

17T pinion: 6.35

18T pinion: 6.0

****Fabrication required**** This is not a direct fit for any chassis except our Capra based Sporty. Often you can just drill and countersink two mounting holes, other times you can fabricate a simple mounting adapter plate.

Additional information

Motor Layout

Left Motor, Right Motor