REVOLVER 540 M 1800kv


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REVOLVER 540 M 1800kv

  • 1800Kv
  • 106 grams light with wires and 4mm bullets
  • 1/8″ D shaft output (standard 540)
  • Chrome plated magnets
  • v3 ultralight housing
  • precision magnet retention assembly
  • 35.56 diam. X 31mm long
  • 28x16mm 14 pole stator
  • Holmes magnetics and housing design
  • 2-4S LiPo power input

The 540M made its debut in the Team Spec lineup and was a hit! It has been very popular for the Vanquish VRD using the Stubby VFD conversion. 540M size offers extremely stout performance for rigs up to 7.5 pounds, but with proper gearing the heavier rigs have no problem.  It is the perfect combination of small but not too small! 100% Holmes engineered for competitive crawling rigs and scale/trail rigs that need a smaller, lighter, higher performance motor.

To prevent motor damage, be sure that screws are not inserted more than 3mm into the mounting holes.