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Designed in-house, the RS40 is the only nano servo winch on the market! Built for all 1/24 and 1/18 crawlers like the SCX24, Enduro24, TRX4M, RC4WD Gelande, and more! This nano winch is tiny, but packs plenty of power, speed, and excellent holding capabilities!
Operating Voltage: 6v – 8.4v
Torque:                 Speed:
25 oz @ 6v           0.09 @ 6v
34 oz @ 7.4v        0.07 @ 7.4v
41 oz @ 8.4v        0.06 @ 8.4v
Spooling Speed:
8.4v – 2.7 seconds per foot
7.4v – 3.3 seconds per foot
Full Cnc Aluminum Case
High Quality Angle Sensor
Spline: 15T 3.8mm Nano
Voltage: 6v-8.4v
Wire Length: 180mm
Weight: 10 Grams
Dimensions: 17mm x 10mm x 20mm
• Comes with our custom Cnc aluminum nano spool capable of holding 3 ft of line
• Winch controller built-in ( requires remote and receiver with 3rd channel momentary or 3 position switch )
• Water Resistant, Not Submersible
*Does not work as steering servo
*Not for use in 1/10
* Winch Line, Hook, and Mounts Sold separately
There are a few companies who have been working on mounts for the RS40 Winch to be used on the Scx24, Trx4m, Utb18, and for their own aftermarket chassis they offer. Some are already available, some will be very soon! Check out
Warranty: 6 Month