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Want some extra protection to save your direct power servos, winches, and other devices from damage caused by voltage spikes?

Our VSS Connector ( Voltage Spike Suppressor) uses a TVS Diode (Transient Voltage Suppressor Diode) specifically made for this exact purpose. This is the optimal voltage suppressing diode.

This unit simply connects between your jst power tap and direct power servo, winch, or other device to suppress spikes above normal 4s operating voltage that may cause damage.

Damage can occur to any direct powered device that is used with any drone platform esc (“silent esc /am32 / etc.) that does not have proper circuitry installed to prevent the regenerative voltage spikes those esc’s are known to generate. Damage from voltage spikes can be prevented, if using one of these esc’s on 4s voltage, we recommend using one of our VSS plugs or installing a Zener or Tvs diode on the Jst power tap of any esc that is not made with them. Otherwise we suggest you run a proper surface esc, or esc that already has the proper circuitry installed.

If you’re running any kind of esc based off a design that was originally intended for use in drones (silent/am32/etc) on 4s voltage, you definitely want to protect your electronics from the voltage spikes they are known to generate. With our VSS connector, those spikes are no longer an issue!

Running small batteries (1000mah or less), or batteries with small gauge wire have proven to increase this issue as they cannot properly absorb the voltage spikes from the esc as they’re supposed to.

• Connectors are about 2 inches long.

• These are not needed if running voltage under 4s

• These are not needed for any normal surface esc’s such as Castle, Tekin, Furitek, Spektrum, Hobbywing, Traxxas, Axial, or other esc’s that are originally designed for surface vehicles