Slider Transmission for Mini Class


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Slider Transmission for Mini Class
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***Now Narrower Width!! ***

This is a transmission for 380 or similar small sized motors (typically found in the mini class 1:18th scale)

5mm outputs for greatly increased strength over the stock 4mm outputs (larger driveshafts will be required).

All transmissions now come fully assembled.

Carbon Fiber side plates!

Dimensions = 2.558 x 2.037 tall. Approx 49g

Heat treated chromoly gears!

5:1 gearing, plus a 48 Tooth, 48 pitch spur gear.

Uses 48 Pitch pinon gears.

12T pinion = 20:1 transmission ratio, or 75:1 final (AR44), or 67.5:1 final (AR44 w/OD gears)

18T pinion = 13.33 trans ratio, or 50:1 (AR44), or 45:1 (AR44 w/OD gears)

Personally, I like a 40 to 55:1 final drive ratio for a mini, depending on your motor and the weight of your rig.

What is a good pinion to start with? An 18T (48P) pinion is a good starting point for typical mini, then adjust to your personal preference, and your specific setup. 380 motors vary a lot, so match your gearing to your specific setup.