Suppressor ESC


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Suppressor ESC
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AM32 firmware for the quietest, smoothest control of non-sensored brushless motors

55 Amp continuous / 65A burst current rating. Rated for up to 5S (5 Cell, 21 Volt) batteries, 4S (16.8V) recommended.

*Make sure you check with your servo manufacturer for recommended operating voltage*

These now include a zener diode along with the capacitor to help prevent servo-damaging voltage spikes.

Perfect for outrunner motors, or any non-sensored brushless motor.

Fully programmable using our programmer (sold separately).

Includes integrated 3A BEC set to 6.0 volts (non-adjustable). Not sufficient for powering a servo. Servo will require direct power, or external BEC.

Includes JST connector for direct power servos.

Includes 4mm bullet connectors for motor.

Includes XT60 battery connector. Please contact us if you need a different connector and we can swap it for you

Does not work for brushed motors