RS400 Low Profile Winch


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RS400 Low Profile Winch

Our RS400 Low profile winch is the new go to winch for those that need killer speed, power, and precision brake/hold! This is one of the fastest and strongest low profile winches on the market, with up to 450oz and 0.05 Speed! 
With our built in winch controller and direct power, you no longer need to spend extra money on a controller or Bec to get the full performance out of our winch unlike others. Using our industry leading 5 gear geartrain, and magnetic angle sensor, the RS400 has incredible brake/hold technology, durability, and super smooth actuation!

SPEED                        TORQUE

0.09 @ 8.4V               215oz @ 8.4v

0.06 @ 12.6V             330oz @ 12.6v

0.05 @ 16.8V             450oz @ 16.8v

*Winch line and hook not included

•Comes with standard size winch spool

•IP66 Water Resistant, Do Not Submerge

•Hardened Stainless Steel Gears

•11 Point O-ring seals

•Cnc Aluminum Case

•High Quality Magnetic Angle Sensor

•25T Spline

•Weight 64g

Size: 40* 20* 26mm

Warranty: 1 year warranty of servo from all mechanical and electrical defects for original owner. We assume no liability of damage caused from excess abuse, mistreatment, modification of servo/wires, or excess water use.  Nothing is unbreakable! For all warranty issue’s you will need to send the servo in to us to be inspected.