Ultra-light Portal Transmission


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Ultra-light Portal Transmission


Only 29.5g, and can be modified for even more weight savings

Tiny Transmission for portal axles (gearing is not sufficient for non-portal axles).

Forward facing motor with optional left or right side motor placement.

Hardened chromoly gears.

Titanium 5mm output shaft.

Dimensions: 52mm W x 34mm H x 21mm L (not counting output shaft)

Motor bolt holes 25mm on center. Skid plate mounting holes 28mm on center (M3 threaded holes).

Gear ratio 3:1 X pinon/spur combo. 36T spur gear (48 pitch).

Fits pinions from 11T to 18T (48 Pitch)

Gear ratio:

9T pinion: 12

10T pinion: 10.8

11T pinon: 9.8

12T pinion: 9.0

13T pinion: 8.3

14T pinion: 7.7

15T pinon: 7.2

16T pinion: 6.75

17T pinion: 6.35

18T pinion: 6.0

Chart above shows possible ratios using stock Axial portal and AR44 straight axle gears

****Fabrication required**** This is not a direct fit for any chassis except our Capra based Sporty. Often you can just drill and countersink two mounting holes, other times you can fabricate a simple mounting adapter plate.


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Motor Side

Left, Right